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Carlberg Design: 2023-2024

2023 was a good year, a lot has happened for Carlberg Design, but also for me personally.

We launched two new Studio projects during Southern Sweden Design Days "Rund" Chair and "Clip" Table.

Furthest to the right is the "Skir" Chair that got a new ultramarine color .

Client Projects has been more sparse due to the economic situation that I think most of us have felt. But a few launches for IKEA that I am proud of this year is "Bärfis" Hanger "Olseröd" Sofa Table/Dinner Table. and "Skrattmås" Obstacle Course and Pelarönn Stackable Vases.

2023 has also been a good year together with Green Furniture Concept, we have been collaborating since 2016 when I first moved to Malmö. For Green F I do mostly Interior renderings and product renderings for public spaces. I am looking forward to new interior projects next year.

Interior Rendering Green Furniture Concept
Interior rendering for Green Furniture Concept

During the year I had the opportunity to collaborate in many new projects that are still going on, I am excited to see how they develop during 2024 and also looking forward to new collaborations in Copenhagen and Denmark.

On a personal note, I been living in Copenhagen for about a month now and I enjoy it very much. Me and my girlfriend live together in Frederiksberg and soon we will be three :)

Wish you a good start of the new year!

Studio work Carlberg Design
Malmö Studio


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