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Carlberg Design : Scandinavian Darkness

Gustav Carlberg standing on the steps of Carlberg Design
Gustav Carlberg Outside Carlberg Design

Welcome to the first news entry. My name is Gustav Carlberg and I am the founder of Carlberg Design. I am born in the north of Sweden outside a city called Hudiksvall. Up there it is mostly forest, mainly planted but also some old forest that are preserved. I grew up in a small wooden house painted in red. The house was next to a lake called Storsjön, translates to, Big Lake.

Now I live in Malmö, third biggest city in Sweden and the one furthest south with just a bridge over to Copenhagen and Denmark. People say Malmö is more continental than the rest of Sweden, a bit of a European feeling and less of the Scandinavian darkness.

This news page will not be about Swedish forests and Scandinavian Darkness, but it might come up now and then.

It is mainly about Furniture and Product Design and The Designprocess behind it. I would like to invite you to my process and also show milestones and important moments that the future will hopefully hold.

I am often optimistic when it comes to moving forward, its like gravity, if you keep doing what you do, you will encounter success, but you will also encounter failure. Both equally important. But stay focused on what makes you feel happy and proud.



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