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Carlberg Design: A talk at the SPOK conference.

I was asked by SPOK to talk about my latest Furniture Collaboration.

To give a background, SPOK is a platform that lists manufacturers that are open to collaborate with small independent designers. So if you have a product idea, you go in to SPOK's homepage and search for the material and techniques you intend to use and up comes a list of potential collaborators.

It's a great tool for smaller companies that are intimidated by the process of connecting with industries, and manufacturers.

This talk was focused on my collaboration with Wood Carver and Cabinet Maker Carsten Nilsson who runs he's workshop outside of Malmö.

I wanted to make a prototype to exhibit on SSDD23 of my chair idea, I had already made two mock-ups in paper and wood and felt confident in the idea and proportions. Now I wanted to realize it in its intentional shape and material, and for this I needed a suitable manufacturer.

I went into SPOK's homepage and found Carsten Nilssons Company.

We talked about the idea and I sent over construction drawings and renders of the wanted outcome. I like to have everything defined and not leave too much to coincidence. We had a good exchange and defined some of the details together.

Since Carsten is a hands on cabinet maker and wood carver, he made all the parts of the chair by hand. The legs are hand turned to the right dimension. I was very impressed with the result. Carsten had a good understanding for my intended vision for the chair, and that helped a lot in making the collaboration work in a dynamic and good way.

Its good to come out and talk about your ideas. It gives you a perspective of the work you actually put down. Thank you SPOK for inviting me and thank you Carsten Nilsson for the great collaboration.


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